Municipality of Luleburgaz


It is at the exit of Edirne road on E-5 highway, to the right, on point of Edirne slope on top of a hill over the city. It was built in commemoration of those who died for their country. With the contributions of the people and military it was completed in 1973. The martyrdom and memorial captures attention thanks to its landscape and architectural design.

Zindan Baba Mausoleum

The structure known as “Zindan Baba Mausoleum” and used as a mausoleum due to the entombed saint inside it was built with two floors other than the ground floor. It is not known since when the structure has been used as a mausoleum. However, there are some stories being told among the people. One of these is that the standard bearer of Governor Gazi Evrenos who lived at the time of Ottoman Sultan Celebi Mehmed is buried here, and another is that it is the grave of a foreman who worked at the construction of the complex. It is made up of bricks and stones; the dome was added later.


Congress Square

No matter where in world we go to there is always a city square. Since 2002 when the Congress Square was built, it serves as a physical, economic and cultural center for Lüleburgaz. The Congress Square, which is the main center of all the activates held in the city, has hosted many activities such as Statue Symposium, Photograph Exhibitions, Skating Rink, International Children Festival and so on, and has played a significant role in creating a city identity and for reflecting that identity. Squares, which are a step for people’s interaction in social life, are also effective in understanding the cultural qualities of cities and forming quality and authentic cities.

Closed Market Place and City Center

The construction of the Closed Market Place and City Center was completed on March 19th, 2007. The cost of the multi-functional facility is 8.484.264,71 Turkish Liras. At the facility; there are a closed space, a covered space, an alley, a green field, a car park, 32 stores that provide services in a variety of different fields, 8 wholesalers, 1303 market stands. There is a “Children’s Play House” for the children of the people who visit the market for cultural and sportive activities, concert spaces, 2 basketball fields as well as a water collection bureau and other offices for the city police.


Ekin Workshop

With the belief that social activities play a crucial role in the development of societies and individuals, Lüleburgaz Municipality gives all sorts of support to pave the way of socialization in Lüleburgaz where free individuals live and will live. As well as being a physical culture center, Ekin Workshop also produces city culture with the students and master teachers of the foundations, which legally operate in Lüleburgaz. Ekin Workshop nurtures social and free individuals who look to the future with hope, who make the right choices, who possess advanced abilities and who are responsible about their future. The productions at the workshop are carried out by processing glass and ceramics, having fun with fitness and sports and meeting freedom, brotherhood, peace and friendship through dance and folklore.


Türk Geldi Agriculture

TİGEM is a public economic enterprise that operates in the line of production and distribution of certified seeds and breeding animals, which are one of the most important inputs of our country’s agriculture sector. It is TİGEM’s mission to produce seeds for agriculture and agriculture-related industries, breeding animals and raw materials and to preserve genetic sources. TIGEM’s vision is to be a highly reliable and dynamic organization, which is a leader in the production of seeds and breeding animals, produces botanic and animal products for agriculture-related industries, preserves genetic sources, increases competition through quality.


Çeşme Square

It was built by Sultan Mehmed the 4th (Hunter Sultan Mehmed) in Hijri 1078. It is a monumental structure built of a fountain and square fountain.

Taş Bridge

It was built by Mimar Sinan with the order of Sokolly Mehmed Pasha on Luleburgaz River in 1569. 900 workers have worked during its construction. When two arches collapsed during a road construction in 1936, its original structure changed. It is above the “Luleburgaz River” which is a branch of Ergene River and which has a song written about it. It was built on Edirne road to the west of the town and it is an exceptional example of bridge architecture.


Lüle Turkish Delights Production Facility

Lüle Turkish Delights, which is based on Sakizköy district of Luleburgaz, was established with local capital. Lüle Turkish Delights, which adopts the concept of “all natural”, does not use glucose or fructose syrups in production and takes human, environment and food safety into account. It is the most intriguing production facility for Turkish delights and delight boilers of Trakya region and has more than a hundred different goods in its product range.

Waste Water Treatment Facility

Lüleburgaz Waste Water Treatment Facility is a light of hope to decrease the amount of pollution, which affects the River Ergene, as the first waste water treatment facility project. 85% of the facility is covered by the European Union, 6% by the Ministry of Environment and 9% by Luleburgaz Municipality, and it has a total cost of 14 million Euros. Waste Water Treatment Facility was established by the Luleburgaz Municipality with the purpose of decreasing the amount of pollution in River Ergene, where water is currently discharged without any treatment, and of reaching European Union and Turkish standards on waste water treatment industry. With this project it is aimed to leave a sustainable environment to future generations. In addition, it will set an example and experience for similar facilities that will be built in our region.


Zeliha Özbek Harmonization Park

Zeliha Ozbek Harmonization Park, which was put to the service of city residents in Yeni Mahalle in 2001, is a total of 880 square meters. 30 square meters of this field is closed and 120 square meters is with a top cover. The park, where people from all ages can spend time, is a fun place for kids as well with the children playground inside.

Youth Park

The Youth Park, which was built in Yeni Mahalle in 2001, is a total of 27 thousand square meters and 434 square meters of this field is closed. Inside the park, there are two diners, 1 museum building, carting field, children play grounds, sports equipment for children and adults and a 600 meters walking track.


Our organization, which is the follower of change and developments, has renewed the entrance floor of its service building in order to provide better, more quality and easy-to-reach services to our citizens. All departments, which provide one-on-one services to our citizens, are gathered on the ground floor. Assessment, Real Estate, enforcement offices and cash desks of the Revenue Directorate, town planning and license department of the town planning directorate, single desk service department and document check department of the editorial office, veterinary department and city police department have begun to give service on the same floor.


Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Complex

This complex was built by Mimar Sinan in 1569. It is 42 square meters. The Works of art inside are the Complex, Mosque, Madrasah, Bazaar, Caravansary, Bath, primary school and the Mausoleum. These buildings are gathered under a central dome, which opens up to the sides with arches. The Caravansary, Mosque and library are on a single line. There is a bazaar between the Caravansary and the mosque. There is a big leaded dome on the mosque’s door and the caravansary’s door. The front entrance of the complex is under this central dome. One can go to the mosque through the south arch and the caravansary through the north arch.


Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque

The dazzling Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque with its surroundings, courtyard, fountain, mihrab, pulpit, narthex, minaret, dome, engravings and in short everything. It was built by Minar Sinan as a 16*20 meters single-dome by Mimar Sinan in 1564. At the entrance, there is the narthex and the large courtyard. There are stoops and madrasah rooms on three sides of the courtyard. Separate from the central entrance of the complex there are two other entrances on both sides of the courtyard. On the walls there are two rows of Windows. The mihrab is made up of marble. Writings of famous calligraphers and classic period ornaments are decorated by Rumi patterns and flowers.


The train station at Durak Street provides Luleburgaz railroad transport.

Balaban Boza Ice Cream

Following the launch of its first branch in Luleburgaz in 1983; it has continued to provide its services at Balaban facilties in Kirklareli central, Edirne, Babaeski, Uzunköprü, Çorlu, Saray, Tekirdağ ande İstanbul Cennet. It is among the missions of Boza Ice Cream;

  • To provide customers products in accordance with the food, production and hygiene conditions of the 21st century, in line with the company’s abilities and capacity.
  • To work in order to increase the satisfaction of customers and employees.
  • To provide the technical infrastructure that will not harm the environment and nature during production phases and to follow advancements in this field as well as R&D activities.


TPAO has launched its search and drilling activities at the Trakya Basin with Uluman-1 oil well in 1960. Among activities we can count the following:

  • Oil and Natural Gas Search, Drilling, Production and oil well completion activities
  • Natural Gas Storage Activities
  • Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Projects


To become a worldwide energy company, which supplies for the oil and natural gas demand of our country.


To identify our country’s oil and natural gas potential, to expand national economy, to acquire income resources with international activities, to play an effective role in the energy industry and to take active role in making our country an energy passage.



Fresh milk products and long-lived milk are produced at the Luleburgaz factory of Danone. Milk puddings, probiotic yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt, homogenized yoghurt, fermented fruit drinks, fruit yoghurt, UHT Milk and Flavored Milk are among goods produced. Danone, Danino, Danette, Donane Natural and Danone Disney branded products are produced at the Luleburgaz factory. The mission of Danone is “to contribute to the health of as many people as possible with delicious, healthy and east-to-reach products.” Its vision is is “to become the most respected, the most preferred, the most innovative milk products company with a sustainable and profitable growth in Turkey.”

Bahçıvan Foods

Milk, which is considered as a miracle of life, is one of the critical essentials of a healthy life for people. It is the prior duty of Bahçıvan Foods to transfer this miracle into milk products that contribute to people’s health with a unique taste by protecting the naturalness of the products. Transparency, naturalness, responsibility, leadership and universality are among its values. A dynamic, innovative and consumer-oriented production policy makes Bahçıvan Foods a brand known on an international platform. Cheese, white cheese, spreadable cheese, special cheese, collective consumption foods, butter and imported cheese are among foods that are produced.

Zentiva Healthcare Products Industry and Trade Inc.

Zentiva, leader drugs company of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, has launched its activities in Turkey in July 2007. At the R&D department of the modern drug complex in Luleburgaz composed of 338 thousand square meters space (66 thousand square meters closed space), new product development activities are carried out. Veterinarian drugs as well as drugs for human health are produced at the facility. As an international drug company that develops, produces and markets modern brands, Zentiva is the leader in drug sectors of countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Turkey, and carries out business activities in Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and the Baltic Republic with success.

Trakya Glass Industry and Trade Inc.

Trakya Glass carries out production using the latest technology and provides services in the fields of:

  • Basic glasses
  • Automative glasses and other transportation vehicles glasses,
  • Energy glasses,
  • Domestic appliances glasses, and provides input for automative, energy, domestic appliances, furniture and agriculture sectors.

As a company aware of its responsibilities for environmental values, Şişecam believes that we have a duty to leave a habitable world to future generations. Trakya Glass continues its investments in Bulgaria as well as in Turkey and Russia, within the context of its aggressive growth and regional development strategy. It is the vision of Trakya Glass Inc. to become a global Sheet Glass company that grows fast with strong brands and provides innovative solutions.

Plaş Plastics and Packaging Industry and Trade Inc.

The company supplies the need for products such as bottles, bottle caps and injections, which require special attention, to be used in industries of food, cosmetics, drugs and hygiene products. It also manufactures polycarbonate dispenser sized bottles and caps as well as PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene bootles and caps for the sectors given above.

Plaş Platics Inc. Luleburgaz Factory was launched in the district of Luleburgaz, Kirklareli in 1979, and it also acts like a center of logistics as well as production. The most inclusive machine park is also found in this facility. The aim of PLAŞ is to always produce the most quantity products in the most cost-effective and quality way possible.

Lüleburgaz Football Stars Academy

Lüleburgaz Stars Football Academy was established as an important social city development project with the leadership of Lüleburgaz Municipality in 2013. The primary target is to enable an education program for the age groups of 6-14 and 8-16

The facility, which was designed for the handicapped sportive needs, has a large park field where people from all ages can spend quality time, do sports, attend social activities day and night, and adds riches to Lüleburgaz’s city life with its square that holds natural and artificial water activities. The Football Academy, which is located on a 80 decares field and has a 6000 square meters closed space, includes open and closed sports fields that can host international football and other sports organizations, service fields and educational rooms. The project, which was designed with a concept of using all sorts of natural sources from wind to sun, is part of an understanding that uses sustainable energy sources in a conscious way. The Football Academy must be seen as another extension of city activities for children to make them leave their computers at home, go outside and interact with one another socially.